Past Adventures

Aegialis Hotel – Amorgos, Greece 2019

Light the Spark Within: Ancient Awakenings

Our second retreat was all about going back to our roots, channeling the guidance of our ancestors and soaking up the wisdom and magic of Greece. ​The LTS Tribe got to experience breathtaking views, rejuvenating yoga classes, enlightening workshops, and traditional meals inspired by local tradition and surroundings of the Island of Amorgos.  There was a cooking and wine class, a traditional greek dinner / dance, and a hike to view local herbs and flowers on the island. The whole experience was meant to awaken all the senses and bring to light those hiding within.

Aegialis Hotel & Spa is the only 5star hotel on the Island of Amorgos with minimal yet luxurious feel. The white washed walls, views of the Aegean sea and the Aegiali beach, food, service and walk-ability to the water make it an amazing place to experience! The unique Amorgian hospitality in combination with the cycladic beauty provides memories you will always treasure. Visit for more information.

Retreat Guest Testimonials

” The Ancient Awakening Yoga Retreat in Amorgos Aegialis Hotel and Spa in Greece is one of the best things I’ve done for myself this year. The experience was not only memorable but enlightening and life-changing for me. Erin and Clarissa are amazing, inspiring and motivational teachers. The camaraderie they created with the tribe is not only special but relaxing, fun and remarkable. Though I only met them the first time and in person at the Pier, they made me feel like I’ve known them all my life. They are friendly and welcoming. The schedule of the retreat was relaxed and intuitive. We had lots of time to connect and reconnect with ourselves which I love the most and which I needed at that time. We spent a lot of time eating, laughing, dancing and hiking together as a group. And every yoga practice we had with Erin, Clarissa, and Marisse were all enjoyable, invigorating and enriching. The Yoga Retreat really helped me light the spark within me that I didn’t know I had. I highly recommend LTS to help you find your inner spark and let them help you light it up through their yoga retreat.” – RO

Villa Sumaya – Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 2017

Light the Spark Within: A Yoga & Adventure Retreat

A true treat for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body the inaugural Light the Spark Within Yoga & Adventure Retreat was held November 4-11, 2017 at Villa Samaya on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Twenty beautiful souls joined us for yoga, meditation, workshops, hiking the San Pedro Volcano, Kayaking the Lake, and experiencing all that their senses could handle.

Villa Sumaya is an Eco-Chic Wellness Center dedicated to rejuvenating holistic practices and healing modalities as well as preserving Mayan traditions and facilitating outdoor adventure in the heart of the Altiplano. Majestically located on the shores of Lake Atitlan, we offer custom designed all inclusive services, to personal, group and family retreats. Visit for more information.

Retreat Guest Testimonials

What is your favorite memory?

Too many to count. I definitely enjoyed bonding with everyone. It took me out of my comfort zone so much and I learned a lot about myself.” – SVM

Meeting so many wonderful people!” – RD

What was your overall experience?

I can’t say enough great things about Clarissa and Erin, they were so kind, talented and loving. I am so grateful.” – BR

It was restorative, inspiring and peaceful. Thank you!!” – LP